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Facebook Chief Outlines Plans to Re-Integrate Messaging into the Main App

Facebook Chief Outlines Plans to Re-Integrate Messaging into the Main App

  by Tom Alison, Head of Facebook Takeaways We reached a major milestone on Facebook: 2 billion daily actives — the highest it’s ever been. Our focus this year is on artificial intelligence, messaging, creators and monetization.   Facebook is off to a great start this year. Contrary to reports otherwise, Facebook is not dead…Click to read more >

Setting Social Media Goals – Video

Setting social media goals – a video from Hubspot. As online retailers, we know how important our social media presence is to growing our business – or do we? Do we know if our efforts are paying off? Are we posting content without knowing how it’s being received? Is our social content tied back to…Click to read more >

You Don’t Need an Audience – You Need a Community (Video)

Working hard to build your audience? Concerned about growing your follower count on (any social platform)? You don’t need an audience. You need a community according to social media strategist Katie Steckly.  What’s the difference between an audience and a community?     An audience is a one-to-many communication That communication is primarily one way.…Click to read more >

Cheat Sheet for WordPress

The Complete Social Media Cheat Sheet for WordPress (Updated)

With so many online retailers using WordPress as the platform for their online business – it makes sense to take a look at resources for WordPress users. I’ve found lots of helpful advice from the folks over at WPbeginner.com – starting with this guide to setting up social profiles. Not only do they provide a…Click to read more >


What is Cross Posting on Social Media – and How Can it Help Me Build My Business?

Let’s Start with the Definition of Cross Posting on Social media Cross posting is the process of taking one piece of content and sharing it across multiple social media channels. With the right strategy – you can use cross posting to connect with customers on a variety of social media channels – and not spend…Click to read more >

What to know about the new Apple update - Image

What Does Apple’s New Privacy Update Mean For Your Facebook Advertising? Here’s What You Need To Know.

First things first, what is the iOS 14 update? Apple’s iOS 14 privacy policy will have two new requirements for apps on their App Store: Apps must provide information about their data collection practices on their product page. Apps will need to ask iOS users for their permission to track them across apps and websites…Click to read more >

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