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Marketing in the New Year with Flipagram

It’s officially 2014 and it’s bound to be the biggest year for social media yet. New trends are constantly emerging and each of them has potential value to small businesses and social media marketing professionals. Today, we delve into the latest app taking Instagram and other social media sites by storm, Flipagram.

What is Flipagram? According to Flipagram.com,” Flipagram creates beautiful short video stories using your photos, set to the music you love.” The app is easy to use, quick to create and 100% personal and customizable. The app can be downloaded for free on any Android or iPhone device or a downloadable link can be found on the Flipagram homepage.

You may be asking, “How can I use this for my business?” The truth is that Flipagram is much more than a glorified yearbook. Below are a four ways that you, your business and your social media marketing team can use Flipagram to grow your online presence and/or fan base.

1. Product premiers: Flipagram allows you to quickly add your own photos into slideshow form. Try taking behind the scene photos of your upcoming products and how they are made and make a short behind the scenes video. You can add custom music to make it the perfect free of charge social media commercial.

2. Testimonials: Each client success story is unique and should be highlighted. Flipagram videos are an interesting way to share client testimonials in an interesting and fun to watch way. Try including photos of clients using your product or even aspects of their personal success story to draw new interest online.

3. Event promotions and recaps: Are you hosting an annual event or sale? Create a short promo video with photos from last year’s event and use it to promote the upcoming event on your various social media channels. You could even use the app to create event recaps after they have occurred!

4. Give an inside look: We all love seeing what goes on behind the scenes at our favorite companies. Try making a series of short videos with photos of your staff and give some scoop about how fan favorite products or services are created.




by Erika Montgomery, January 3, 2014

Article courtesy of: threegirlsmedia.com
Images courtesy of: flipagram.com

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