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How to Prevent, Dispute, and Reconcile Chargebacks for Online Businesses

How to Prevent, Dispute, and Reconcile Chargebacks for Online Businesses

The majority of sale transactions happen smoothly, working much like this: the sale is authorized by the customer’s card issuer, you ship the merchandise to them and get paid. Once in awhile, though, the customer may file a dispute, asking their credit card company to reverse the transaction. Why does this occur and what can…Click to read more >

What is SEO and Why You Should Care

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. So, what is that? SEO is understanding how the search engines decide what to show in your search results when you begin a search for something at your favorite search engine. Why does SEO matter? If you optimize your website content and technology, the search engine is…Click to read more >

One-Click Methods to Pay at Checkout

Every business owner wants shoppers to come to their website and buy something. Once they’ve done that, how do you keep them coming back? Amit Mathradas, the general manager and head of North American small business at PayPal, tells us about some e-commerce quick fixes to improve the customer experience. Click below to watch the…Click to read more >

Google Business Listings – How to Use Them to Promote Your Shops Local Events and Classes

Let’s start with the basics. You might be asking yourself what exactly is a Google Business Listing? Go to Google, search for your business and you’ll see a list of search results. The box to the right that has more information — that is your Google Business Listing. Claim your business If you haven’t claimed…Click to read more >

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