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14 Steps to Ranking Higher on Google

While there are many factors involved in ranking higher on Google, a key point to consider is that websites don’t rank on Google – individual web pages do. That means we need to pay attention to every single page on our websites. Each has the potential to increase in rank and pull people in who are looking for what you have to offer.

Most of the steps we can take to improve our ranking on Google – and other search engines – are common sense and within our control. These include:

  • Making your content easy to read and useful for the intended audience
  • Study websites (within and outside of your niche) that already rank highly on Google
  • Optimize each page on your website to help Google (and your reader) understand what the page is about
  • Increase the number of links to your site – from other quality websites.


14 Steps Every Online Retailer Can Take to Rank Higher on Google

I came across this article from the folks at AISEO. It details the steps we can all take to improve our ranking – and drive more traffic to the pages of our E-commerce sites.

[1] Understand Keyword Basics

[2] Pick Easy Keywords

[3] Choose Buyer Intent Keywords

[4] Identify Search Intent

[5] Improve on the #1 Ranking Site

[6] Create High-Quality Content

[7] Optimize Your Page for Better Ranking

[8] Fix Broken Links

[9] Improve the Page Experience

[10] Get Backlinks

[11] Measure and Improve

[12] Optimize Your Google Business Profile

[13] Get Google Reviews

[14] Get Business Directory Listings


These steps apply whether you are using WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, or any other E-commerce platform. With some discipline, research, and a little time – the pages on our sites can start climbing in the Google rankings.

Read the full article: How to Rank Higher on Google


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