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Facebook Changes and Updates (Video)

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a social media marketing talk show put on by Social Media Examiner’s Host – Jerry Potter. His guest was Facebook Ads Expert – Tara Zirker.

The topic of the day? Facebook Changes and Updates. This is a timely discussion – in every business group conversation I’ve been in for the past month – the changes that Meta has been making to our business Facebook Pages and groups have had us frustrated (to say the very least).

Tara Zirker covers a wide range of changes and updates in this video. Below are some of the highlights. I’ve included a link to the video at the bottom.



  • Can now post on Facebook and then share to IG (previously only worked the other way from Instagram to Facebook).
  • CTA button in posts (for example – DM someone who has asked a question – right from their comment in the post).
  • Business pages now have their own feeds
  • Check cover photo on both desktop and mobile
  • The intro section is now 100 Characters instead of 225
  • Now have the ability to have several “Featured Posts” at the top of the page – instead of the single “Pinned” post.



  • Cross-share posts into (up to 3) groups.
  • FB Groups is now FB Communities
  • Ability to do reels in groups.
  • A bigger bio in group profile – can add a notice about being open to messaging (or no).
  • New feature that will be helpful to some groups. Once approved by Facebook – admins can add phrases that will not be flagged if they show up in the group. Need to get pre-approved by FB to have this feature in a group.


Branded Content:

  • Branded Content Tags now available to all Reels creators (marketing partnership between influencers and Brands.
  • Makes it clear to viewers that this is branded content (meets regulations).


Removing a Feature

  • Meta is removing “Instant Articles” in April 2023. They make up 3% or less of feeds and did not get enough traction.


Here’s The Link to the Video Facebook Updates and Changes on their Facebook page: Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Page


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