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Important Changes to Google and Yahoo Email Sender Requirements – Are You Ready?

Important Changes to Google and Yahoo Email Sender Requirements – Are You Ready?

Some big changes are coming to the email sender requirements for Google and Yahoo. If you use an email service provider, they have likely sent you a notice about the changes, and what it means for your business. They are taking it seriously – and so should we.   What’s happening and why? Both Google…Click to read more >

Email Marketing Benchmarks – How Do Your Emails Measure Up?

As an online retailer, I need to know if the effort I’m putting into email marketing is making a difference – and where I need to make some adjustments to improve my performance. If you are reading this – the same is true for you too. Let’s start by understanding the most common metrics we should be paying attention to – and then we’ll take a look at the benchmark numbers for several related industries.

23 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Click Through Rates

23 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Click-Through Rates   Do you send out email newsletters to your customers? Do you know what your click-through rates are? Click-through rate (CTR) is a key metric used to measure the effectiveness of email newsletters. It represents the percentage of people who clicked on a link within an email…Click to read more >

2022 Holiday Shopping Trends and How to Prepare – Flodesk Masterclass (Video)

The holidays are upon us and holiday shopping is about to begin. The team at flodesk has created an on-demand video – outlining the holiday shopping trends of the past couple of years. Are you ready with your holiday promotions, newsletters, and coupon codes?   While time is short – there is still time to…Click to read more >

Yelp Fuses with MailChimp – Sharing Yelp Reviews with Email Subscribers

MailChimp users gained an exciting new tool today in a “Fusion” of the two products. Users are now able to add a “content block” into their email template – pulling in Yelp reviews, customer images, and ratings – directly into the email. Sharing Yelp content created by your community – with your community is a…Click to read more >

Email Newsletters 101

Email Newsletters 101

We’ve all subscribed to email newsletters and browse through them when they hit our inbox. Businesses everywhere use newsletters to drive customers to make a purchase. As an online business owner – if you don’t already have a regular newsletter – you’ve probably been considering creating one for your own business. What’s holding you back?…Click to read more >

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