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14 Steps to Ranking Higher on Google

14 Steps to Ranking Higher on Google

While there are many factors involved in ranking higher on Google, a key point to consider is that websites don’t rank on Google – individual web pages do. That means we need to pay attention to every single page on our websites. Each has the potential to increase in rank and pull people in who…Click to read more >

Important Changes to Google and Yahoo Email Sender Requirements – Are You Ready?

Some big changes are coming to the email sender requirements for Google and Yahoo. If you use an email service provider, they have likely sent you a notice about the changes, and what it means for your business. They are taking it seriously – and so should we.   What’s happening and why? Both Google…Click to read more >

50% of Google Business Profiles include incorrect information – is yours one of them?

We all know how often we reach for our phone to look up information about a local business. Studies show that 86% of us do it regularly. As consumers, we are looking for all kinds of information  – with the intent of making a purchase of one kind or another. It’s our expectation that we’ll…Click to read more >

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