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How to Win on Instagram

Creativity, Connectivity & Love: How to Win on Instagram

I recently attended a “Digital Drop-in” put on by JB Media Institute. The topic was Creativity, Connectivity and Love: How to Win on Instagram – and it was an hour well spent. Co-founder and Lead Instructor – Sarah Benoit delivered a solid presentation on the overview of Instagram’s various “parts” and how they all work together to deliver a tailored experience to the user.

From there – Benoit shared a wide range of Instagram strategies and examples we can tailor to our own business goals. I came away with a long list of ideas for improving my Instagram results – and I’m certain the same will be true for you.

How to Win on Instagram Hacks:

  1. Geotag your location
  2. Use polls, stickers, and Q&A – keep it interactive (can use video in each of these)
  3. Post consistently – quality over quality
  4. Try the Unicorn Strategy – look at accounts you want to emulate – analyze and figure out how to do it better, and make it unique to your brand
  5. Build genuine relationships – timing is critical, respond, comment, connect – there is a person behind every username and comment.
  6. Intentionally use Hashtags – Search trending tags – make them relate to your post (2 – 6 is recommended. You can do up to 30, try adding those extras to comments instead of the post caption)
  7. Write thoughtful captions – test various lengths. Make the most out of the first sentence (the hook).
  8. Create narrative carousel posts – this type of post works well. Tell a story – entertain, educate, and add well-designed photos and video
  9. Format creative content properly – leave no pixel unused.
  10. Let people shop on Instagram (it can be a challenge to set up – but it can be worth the trouble)


Click on the image below to watch How to Win on Instagram

Photo credit: https://jbmediainstitute.com/


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