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Extend Your Product Lines and Your Brand with Merch

Fans love Merch! Creating merchandise for your quilting, sewing, craft, or other creative customer base is a fantastic idea to further engage with your audience and expand your revenue streams. They are a built-in fanbase and the people most likely (initially) to purchase your branded merchandise.


Here are some merchandise ideas that might appeal to your creative customer base:

  • Fabric: Offer original fabric designs that align with the interests and aesthetics of your customers. Consider collaborating with fabric designers to create unique prints exclusive to your brand that can only be found on your website and your retail shop.
  • Sewing Notions and Tools: Sell branded sewing notions such as pins, needles, thread, scissors, and rulers. You could even offer branded specialty items like ergonomic sewing tools, themed needle minders, or project boxes or bags.
  • Apparel and Accessories: Create branded apparel like t-shirts, tote bags, aprons, and hats featuring fun and relevant designs related to quilting, crafting, and sewing.
  • Home Decor Items: Offer home decor items like throw pillows, wall art, travel mugs, and tea towels featuring designs inspired by quilting and sewing motifs, incorporating your brand into the design.
  • Stationery and Planner Items: Produce stationery items such as notebooks, planners, stickers, and pens featuring sewing and crafting themes. Incorporate your brand into the design.
  • Workshop or Class Materials: If you offer workshops or classes, consider selling branded materials kits or tools that participants can use during the sessions.


Carry Inventory or Print on Demand?

There are two ways to add branded merchandise to your existing product lines, Inventory and Print on Demand (POD).

  • Inventory: Work with a supplier to design and manufacture a branded product. You carry the inventory.
  • POD: Some products (virtually anything that can be printed) lend themselves to Print on Demand. You create the design and work with a supplier to produce and ship the item when you receive a sale.


Adding branded merchandise to your business can be a great way to enhance your brand, engage with your audience, and generate additional revenue. Just be sure to carefully consider the logistics and potential challenges involved to ensure a successful implementation.


For a deeper dive into this subject:

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