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GA4 – The Bounce Rate Metric is Back

GA4 – The Bounce Rate Metric is Back

No doubt you’ve heard the news – Universal Analytics (UA) is sunsetting in July 2023 (literally just weeks away). By July 2023 all websites that continue to use Google analytics must switch to the updated analytics tool – GA4. If you are using Google Analytics on your website and haven’t made the switch before then…Click to read more >

Create Marketing Content – with an AI Content Generator

What is all the “AI” buzz about – and how can we use it to improve our content creation and reduce the amount of time it takes to create that content? Why does this matter? For this article, I focus specifically on AI tools that help generate content for posts, articles, product descriptions, and other…Click to read more >

Setting Social Media Goals – Video

Setting social media goals – a video from Hubspot. As online retailers, we know how important our social media presence is to growing our business – or do we? Do we know if our efforts are paying off? Are we posting content without knowing how it’s being received? Is our social content tied back to…Click to read more >

Increase Sales by Adding Short Videos to Your Product Listings

INCREASE SALES BY ADDING SHORT VIDEOS TO YOUR PRODUCT LISTINGS We humans are visual creatures and most of us are increasingly busy. In general, we respond well to images (still or animated). That’s especially true if it means we can get the information we want – quickly – without having to read a lot of…Click to read more >

Virtual Selling for the Creative Online Retailer

VIRTUAL SELLING FOR THE CREATIVE ONLINE RETAILER The news in recent days about huge online businesses shedding jobs can be a lot to take in. Meta and Amazon are just two giant businesses that have announced massive layoffs in the past few days. They attribute the staff reductions (at least in part) to changing shopping…Click to read more >

You Don’t Need an Audience – You Need a Community (Video)

Working hard to build your audience? Concerned about growing your follower count on (any social platform)? You don’t need an audience. You need a community according to social media strategist Katie Steckly.  What’s the difference between an audience and a community?     An audience is a one-to-many communication That communication is primarily one way.…Click to read more >

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