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Important Changes to Google and Yahoo Email Sender Requirements – Are You Ready?

Important Changes to Google and Yahoo Email Sender Requirements – Are You Ready?

Some big changes are coming to the email sender requirements for Google and Yahoo. If you use an email service provider, they have likely sent you a notice about the changes, and what it means for your business. They are taking it seriously – and so should we.   What’s happening and why? Both Google…Click to read more >

Directory Listings Essential For Your Business – the NAP Checklist

In a previous article, we looked specifically at Google Business Profiles and focused on the importance of having a complete and accurate listing for your business. That’s an important place to start – and if you haven’t made sure that your Google Business Profile is complete and accurate – do that now. The next step…Click to read more >

How to Generate Customer Reviews that Grow Your Business

I had the opportunity to sit in on a “Digital Drop-in” hosted by Sarah Benoit from JB Media Institute. The topic for the session was – How to Generate Customer Reviews to Grow Your Business. This is a topic that resonates with any business owner – online or on the street. Her guest for the…Click to read more >

50% of Google Business Profiles include incorrect information – is yours one of them?

We all know how often we reach for our phone to look up information about a local business. Studies show that 86% of us do it regularly. As consumers, we are looking for all kinds of information  – with the intent of making a purchase of one kind or another. It’s our expectation that we’ll…Click to read more >

Email Marketing Benchmarks – How Do Your Emails Measure Up?

As an online retailer, I need to know if the effort I’m putting into email marketing is making a difference – and where I need to make some adjustments to improve my performance. If you are reading this – the same is true for you too. Let’s start by understanding the most common metrics we should be paying attention to – and then we’ll take a look at the benchmark numbers for several related industries.

A How-To Guide for Understanding Customer Preferences through Surveys

Understanding your customers’ needs and preferences is crucial for tailoring your marketing messages effectively. Surveys serve as valuable tools to gain insights directly from your target audience. In this article, we’ll explore the types of questions to ask, and the different ways those questions can be asked. We’ll also talk about recommended survey length and…Click to read more >

Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers

Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers

As online retailers – were are naturally focused on promoting the products we offer. We share them on our social posts, reels, lives – and more. If we are purchasing, stocking, and then shipping those products one set of rules applies. If we are promoting those same products but directing shoppers to the product supplier’s…Click to read more >

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