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Brand Guidelines and Style Guides

How to Build Your Brand Guidelines and Style Guide

How to Build Your Brand Guidelines and Style Guide

Brand Guidelines and Style Guides sound like something only a big corporation would need. Not so. Every business – of any size must consider the presentation they make to potential customers. These “impressions” include your logo, every color you choose, every font you use, the tone of voice in your marketing copy, the style of…Click to read more >

Optimizing Your Product Listings for Better Search Results

Are Your Product Listings Optimized? As online retailers – we tend to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for our “Home” page, our “About Us” page, and the other “Landing Pages” on our websites. By now – we know how important SEO is to getting found online. What we don’t normally spend as much time…Click to read more >

Use Your eNewsletter to Drive Traffic and Sales to Your Website

I’ve always had a “wordy” eNewsletter. For years I’ve packed my eNewsletter with as much “value” as I could – thinking that would help me build my audience and my relationship with my customers. Turns out – it’s too much for most people to read. That’s a problem. Something had to change.   I started…Click to read more >


Adding Custom Stickers and Labels to Your Branding Mix

By Andrew Matranga, Brand Journalist at StickerGiant   Who doesn’t love stickers? They’re nostalgic and fun, and creating stickers for your brand is a great form of creative expression for you and your customers. Turn your brand assets into custom stickers and custom labels, leveling up your branding game while also creating connections with your customers.…Click to read more >

3 Simple Questions that Help You Write Better Headlines

As online retailers – we communicate with our customers in many ways. One of the most important is the way we communicate on our websites. Do your headlines, product titles, class titles, and more – really resonate with customers, motivating them to take action? In this article by Stefanie Flaxman from Copyblogger – we’ll take…Click to read more >

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