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The One Email Metric You Should Be Tracking

Do you keep track of your email metrics? I’m talking about things like Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Unsubscribes, Sales, etc. Clearly, these numbers are important – but do they give you a real sense of how your copy is connecting with the readers of your newsletter? I learned about a different kind of email metric recently. It has me thinking about how to incorporate it into my own metrics.

I learned about this interesting metric from Anne Handley in a recent webinar. Anne is the author of the Completely Revised and Expanded – Everybody Writes. She also writes the fortnightly “Annarchy” Newsletter. She’s written a great blog post about this email metric – and why it’s so important.

The email metric?

How many people reach out to you – as a direct result of your email newsletter?


The more people that reach out to you with a comment or a question – the higher likelihood that your message has resonated with your readers.

It’s a distinctly analog metric – but asking for a reply – and then responding to them is critical for personalizing the experience. Your reply to your reader helps them to see you as a real person – and not a content/sales machine.


Read Anne’s entire article: The One Email Metric to Track


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