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Why You Should Be Using SMS Marketing

Why You Should Be Using SMS Marketing

Does SMS marketing make sense for a small business? Absolutely! SMS marketing has the highest open rates of any marketing channel. And that’s just the beginning. Not only does it benefit retailers of all sizes but it’s particularly well suited to smaller businesses that have less to spend on traditional marketing campaigns. Good or great…Click to read more >

Leading Marketing Strategy Components

You have set your goals and objectives. Now to decide which elements of your marketing strategy are essential and need to be at the top of the list. These are two components you should target.   1. Comprehensive Mobile Capability Retail industries rely more heavily on mobile than others, but every brand must have solid…Click to read more >

Is Your Newsletter Mobile Ready?

Reaching out to customers through email has been, and continues to be, the most effective marketing tool available to business owners. Nearly everyone who uses the Internet also uses email, making it a perfect means of reaching customers. Now with mobile phones’ popularity soaring, your message can reach them anywhere and everywhere. Especially as smartphones…Click to read more >

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