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Attracting New Customers with Guest Blog Posts

Attracting New Customers with Guest Blog Posts

I’ve approached guest blogging from two different viewpoints – both are effective in building backlinks to my site, attracting new audience members (customers), and increasing the exposure of my brand to people who are interested in what I offer. In this article, I’ll share both options – Guest Blogging and Blog Post Swaps. I’ll also…Click to read more >

Writing Marketing Copy

Writing Copy for Better SERP Results

As online business owners – we all write a lot of marketing copy.  From landing pages and blogs, product descriptions, social posts, and “How To” articles. Every single piece of effectively optimized marketing copy we write has the potential to drive traffic and increased sales to our sites. Definition: SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO…Click to read more >

3 Simple Questions that Help You Write Better Headlines

As online retailers – we communicate with our customers in many ways. One of the most important is the way we communicate on our websites. Do your headlines, product titles, class titles, and more – really resonate with customers, motivating them to take action? In this article by Stefanie Flaxman from Copyblogger – we’ll take…Click to read more >

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