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6 Steps to Create a Hype Worthy Product Launch

As creative retailers – we know how important it is to differentiate ourselves from other similar creative businesses. One of the best ways to do that is to develop and launch a new branded product – something unique to your business. Your new product could be a book, a pattern, a tool, or some fun gadget. It could also be a service (like design services or a subscription box). Whatever it is – once you’ve got it designed and figured out how to produce and deliver it. It’s time to design and create the plan to launch your new product.

A well-thought-out product launch plan can be the difference between your new product floundering as a listing on your website and sitting unnoticed on a shelf in your shop – and sales success.

Author Alexa Collins has written an article for Shopify – detailing the 6 steps needed to create, implement and measure a plan to launch your new product out into the world. The 6 steps include:

1: Set a launch date

2: Determine your launch channels

3: Craft your launch messaging and assets

4: Drum up excitement

5: Launch the product

6: Track and review the results


Click on the link below to read more about each of these 6 steps.

Link to the full article: How To Create a Hype-Worthy Product Launch


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