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How to Create the Perfect Checkout Page [Infographic]

by Susannah Morris at Hubspot.com | September 15, 2015 68% of all ecommerce visitors abandon their shopping carts – leaving $4 trillion of abandoned merchandize behind. But don’t despair – according to BI Intelligence, roughly 2.5 trillion (or 63%) of this is potentially recoverable. The top three reasons that people gave for abandoning their carts…Click to read more >

Issue 14 – January 2014

Issue 14 7 Must-Know Online Retail Trends – Online sales are expected to continue to trend upward, yes, and here are the specifics that will shape retail in the years ahead. Find out what these trends may mean for you. Email vs Social Media Marketing: Which one deserves your marketing dollars? Email has been the favored marketing communications tool, and…Click to read more >

Issue 13 – November 2013

Issue 13 Shopping Cart Abandonment -What causes online shoppers to put things in their cart, only to abandon the cart and not follow through with a purchase? The results of a survey shed some light on the reasons why. The Sky’s the Limit -After more than 40 years in the quilting industry, entrepreneur Marti Michell…Click to read more >

Issue 12 – September 2013

Issue 12 Picture Perfect Profits -Is a picture worth a thousand dollars? It might be if you work Pinterest to your advantage. Here’s how to turn your posts into profits. Profiting from Panels – Marsha Doyenne explains how to turn precut panels into impulse buys and shares a range of projects to inspire your customers’…Click to read more >

Issue 11 – July 2013

Issue 11 Converting Transactions Into Long-Term Customer Relationships -Marsha Doyenne brainstorms ways to cultivate customer loyalty online. Jumping on the Downton Wave- Edwardian England meets Andover Fabrics with a new fabric collection inspired by the women of Downton Abbey fame. Instagram Should Be Your New Favorite App -Find out what makes the popular photo-sharing application…Click to read more >

Issue 10 – May 2013

 Issue 10 Social Marketing. That’s Funny, Inspirational, and Just Plain Silly Understanding Search Algorithms– Tom Henell explains how ever-changing algorithms affect your site’s appearance in online searches. Meet the Men: Meet Jason Yenter and Thomas Knauer, male fabric designers in a female-centric industry. AppWatch: Knit Handy, Quilt Wizard, DRAWings Snap Apps to encourage creativity in…Click to read more >

Issue 09 – March 2013

Issue 09 Face to Face: Melissa Stramel (Lilac Lane Patterns) and Heather Jones (Olive & Ollie) Advertising with Facebook Offers: Todd Gibson explains the potential for positive ROI, low-cost and simplicity of this new form of online advertising. Increasing Traffic to Your Website: Marsha Doyenne (Fabric Essentials) shares ideas on spreading your customer-gathering web both online and off.…Click to read more >

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