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Shopper Psychology at eCommerce Checkout [Infographic]

This brilliant infographic put together by the VoucherCloud team sheds some light on key statistics and habits behind shoppers clicks throughout the eCommerce sales funnel. Key stats to bear in mind are:

Site Speed

  • Site speed: slow websites that load 3 second or more account for 57% cart abandonment
  • 80% of shoppers that abandon their carts never come return

Ecommerce Design, Images and Video

  • 92.6% of shoppers attribute site design as a top influential factor affecting a purchase decision
  • Shoppers take about 90 seconds to make a quick initial judgement as to whether to make a purchase or not
  • Alternative product views increase sales by as much as 58%
    25% of returns made by shoppers were attributed to inaccurate product images
  • 31% of shoppers claimed that they were influenced to purchase a product after viewing a video
  • 1 in 2 customers have more confidence in a product after watching an online video

Product Reviews

  • 79% of shoppers trust reviews that they read as much as a personal recommendation
  • 67% of shoppers read 6 reviews or less before they feel free to trust a business enough to make a purchase

Checkout Abandonment Stats

  • 67.4% is the average checkout abandonment rate
  • 41% of all abandoned baskets attribute abandoning their orders to hidden charges at checkout. Whilst 29% of of basket abandoners attributed leaving to having to register before buying
  • ASOS halved checkout abandonment rate by adding a guest checkout option
    Men are more likely to abandon their cart!


  • 81% of online retailers assume that newsletter is a must have
  • 40% of consumers do not want to receive newsletters
  • 32% of etailers do not inform shoppers that they will be automatically added to newsletter subscription

Coupons and Deals

  • 57% of shoppers will only buy online because of coupons
  • Coupons can increase customer satisfaction rate by 4%


  • 59% of shoppers consider shipping costs when they purchase online
  • Only 24% of shoppers require same day delivery




Written by Kunle Campbell

Article courtesy: www.2xecommerce.com

Images courtesy: www.vouchercloud.com

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