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Scale While You Sleep

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Scale While You Sleep: 9 Automated Email Sequences That Can Grow Your Ecommerce Business 30% In 30 Days

by Chris Orzechowski

One of the hardest parts of growing an Ecommerce business is scaling to the point where you have enough cash flow and profit margin. Some business owners think the only answer to their problem is to pump even MORE money into ads when really they should be focusing on their email marketing. This is where Chris Orzechowski and his book, Scale While You Sleep, can help.

After working behind the scenes with dozens of Ecommerce brands, Chris has seen that most brands are leaving a lot of money on the table when it comes to email marketing. He wrote this book to help YOU make more money from your email marketing.

In the book you will learn about his simple but hyper profitable system that can turn one-time buyers into loyal fans of your brand through the power of email automation. Reading this informative book is the first step to making MORE sales without paying expensive acquisition costs so you can have more cash flow, more money in your pocket and less stress in your life.

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