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Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing

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How to Make Your Prices (Almost) Irresistible?

Discover the Power of Psychological Pricing

Prices are paid by customers. But many companies solely focus on their internal costs (mark-up pricing), their external competitors (competition-based pricing) or assume that people behave rationally (value-based pricing).

The Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing dives deep on a customer-centric approach. This book presents the most comprehensive collection of psychological pricing strategies and tactics currently available in the market and introduces you to intriguing, hard-to-believe insights into consumer psychology, subconscious persuasion and people’s perception of prices.

Readers will discover the profound art of psychological pricing and influencing customers’ buying behavior. More specifically, you will

  • Understand how to raise attractiveness of your prices and offerings for your customers and lift sales and margins for your business.
  • Learn how to increase customers’ willingness to pay for your products and services.
  • Expand your pricing skill set and learn about more than 100 effects unearthed and backed by solid academic research.
  • Boost your professional value by emerging yourself into a new and growing field of research: behavioral pricing.
  • Stay ahead of the curve and receive free updates exclusive for readers.

Dr. Husemann-Kopetzky translates hundreds of academic papers into a handy manual for business owners and managers to optimize prices from a customers’ perspective.

This book is required reading for entrepreneurs, general and category managers, marketers, product and brand managers, pricing strategists, management consultants, and business students who are interested in adding an invaluable pricing edge to their business practice and personal pricing quiver.

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