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PCI Compliance – Small Businesses Facing Increased Scrutiny

PCI Compliance – Small Businesses Facing Increased Scrutiny

Should you be worried about Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards? If you accept any type of payment card—debit, credit, and even prepaid cards—then, yes, shopowners must take PCI Compliance (as it is informally known)very seriously. Businesses found to be out of compliance with these rules face, at the very least, serious fines from their

Convert Abandoned Shopping Carts Into Sales

It happens all the time in retail shops—a customer picks up an item, wanders around, returns the item to the store shelf, and leaves the store without purchasing a thing. In the world of online retailing, a whole “cart” of merchandise is regularly left behind, more often than a sale is actually made. That’s right,

5 Questions to Ask When Buying Web Services

Getting a website up and running can seem like an over-whelming task, but a website is an extremely important tool in the digital world in which we work. It is easy to become baffled by the choices, lingo, and options available to shops looking to establish an online presence. Just as you are a savvy

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