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FabSearch:Three easy ways to search for the products and information you are looking for!

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This publication is a home run! Directed precisely at those who have to learn this info to stay in & succeed in business. All is bright, informative, colorful and spot on.

Rob Krieger,
Checker Distributors

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

WebCents is the single most helpful magazine dealing with websites and the fabric industry! Keep up the good work!

Suzi Soderlund,
Marbled Arts

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Loved the first issue!

Wanda Makela,
The Bunkhouse Quilt Shop

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Thanks for producing such great informative tools for a smarter industry.

Kyle Sanchez,
Robert Kaufman Fabrics

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  • Facebook’s New Graph Search

    Facebook announced the release of its new Graph Search late last week and is beginning to roll it out to users. Since its beginning the Facebook search results have paled in comparison with Google’s search capabilities and it’s often easier to use Google to find a business page on Facebook than to use its own search engine.

    With Graph Search Facebook is hoping to change that. Using its vast amount of info, you can now look up anything shared with you on Facebook, and others can find stuff you’ve shared with them. Depending on your connections, you will get related results. Different people see different search results. 

    Increasing the number of local fans you have for your Facebook business page, can help you rank higher in the list if a local quilter searches for a fabric store their friends like. While it’s not perfect, Graph Search has potential for building a shop’s reputation based on their fans’ accolades on the site. 

    Check out the video for more info on how the new Graph Search works. If you don’t have it yet, expect it soon. 


  • Adding Social Media Icons

    Instagram released official icons for users to put on their blogs, websites and printed materials this week. They join Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube in having authorized icons. [The rules and guidelines for each vary, so be sure to look them over and make sure you are playing by the rules. ]

    Using these social media icons on your blog, website and in your shop’s newsletter, gives you the added benefit of brand recognition. Facebook users (and there are more than a billion!) are more likely to click, like and follow along with your shop if they see the icon, rather than expecting them to track you down. Facebook’s search engine is notoriously difficult to track down the exact person or business you are looking for, so make it as easy as possible for customers, and potential customers, to “like” you on Facebook. 

    The same principle goes for each social medium, wherever your fans are, you need to be as well. And you need to make it as simple as possible for them to stay in touch. Using the icons and, most importantly, linking them to your profile on each medium will give them the quickest and easiest way to connect with you. 

    Download the logos from each site or by following the link on each icon below: 


  • New Page Feed on Facebook

    Facebook is always evolving, it seems, with new features added and others removed. The latest is the addition of the Pages Feed. It just started rolling out in the last week, so it isn’t universal just yet. 

    The Pages Feed is located in the Pages section on the left side of the page and has a little flag next to it to make it easy to spot. Don’t panic if it hasn’t shown up on your Facebook account yet, it’ll be there eventually. The Pages Feed is simply a news feed specifically for Pages. There are no personal posts, only those from the companies, businesses, blogs and products that you have “liked.” 

    This allows users to easily read through their favorites, but there’s some discussion about where exactly this is leading. Will Facebook devolve into two feeds, one for friends and one for Pages? There’s no clear answer, but let your customers know that it’s an easy way for them to keep up with you. Not only will it show up in their news feed, but the specialized Page Feed will be less crowded and make searching for your shop’s post on the weekend sale or upcoming class simpler. 

    If you don’t have it on your Facebook account quite yet, you can still check out how it works here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/feed

  • You Now Have a Voice on Facebook

    If you manage a Page (or Pages) on Facebook along with a personal Profile, it has been a frustrating fact of life that you could not post to (or like or comment on) the Page as yourself, only the Page. This was annoying, but was exacerbated when several people managed the same Page.

    An example: I manage a handful of Pages, including the WebCents Facebook Page, alongside my fellow Fabric Shop Network employees. This works well, giving everyone input and taking the burden off just one person to do it all. The problem was when, for instance, Cindy posts a beautiful quilt block on the FabShop Hop Page and I want to show that I liked it. If I clicked the like button, it simply came up as the FabShop Hop liking it, not me personally.

    Or when I’ve wanted to reply as a person, not as WebCents magazine, to a comment on our Page. I simply couldn’t. Everything that you did on your Page was done as your Page.

    But that’s changed with the addition of Voice to Facebook.

    Rolling out over the last week, it’s showing up across the millions of Pages. Have you noticed it on yours?

    You may notice the drop-down info bar across the top first.

    So now you can easily switch between the Page and your personal Profile to post to any of the Pages you manage. Just click on Voice and switch between Page and Profile. You’ll be able to tell which you are commenting as (the profile pictures appears to the left of the box), but keep the flexibility in mind when posting and liking so you don’t post with the wrong voice.

    Check it out on our Page and if you’ve got a question about it, please ask.

    P.S. Here are 10 features Facebook has recently changed, including Voice and the new Camera* app.

  • [Facebook] Changing Admins and What They Can Do

    If you have a Facebook Page for your business, but haven’t wanted to share full privileges with others on your staff, you haven’t had the choice. If you wanted to have someone else post on the Page or monitor your Page’s Insights, you had to give them complete access to everything related to your Page.

    But now things have changed.

    Say you want to hire someone to keep track of your social media analytics–who’s visiting from where and how they got there–but you don’t need them posting on your Page. You can now give that person access as an Insights Analyst and the only thing they can do on your Page is view the Insights.

    Perhaps you want to share responsibility for responding to comments and sending messages, but don’t want them able to post directly to the Wall as your Page yet–give them Moderator privileges. Each page can have any or all of the Admins, but only one should have the Manager role (and that should be the owner!). Only Managers can add and remove admins. Here’s a brief overview of what each role can do.

    By giving various levels of control over your Page, you can allow more of your staff to help out with posts, comments, ad creation or analytics without giving up ultimate control.

    How to Change Admin Controls

    • Open your Page’s admin panel at the top of your Page.
    • Click Edit Page
    • From the left column menu, click Admin Roles
    • Type the names of other people you’d like to add in the open field
    • Click Manager below the name to choose what kind of admin you want to add
    • Click Save Changes

    For more information, check out Facebook’s Admin Roles page.