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Issue 04 – May 2012

Issue 04 – May 2012

Issue 04 Dear Stella: How can I get people to connect with us on social media? Face to Face: Nancy Mahoney and Kat Southern (StudioKat Designs) Panning for Gold Online: Marsha Doyenne takes a look at website merchandising Taking the No-Sew Route to Customers: Monica Lee shares ideas on expanding your customer base beyond quilters and sewist and into the…Click to read more >

Issue 03 – March 2012

Issue 03 Dear Stella: Is there a trick to getting my business to stick in customers’ minds? Face to Face: Barbara Jones (QuiltSoup) and Ellen Medlock (Ellen Medlock Studio) Panning for Gold Online: The importance of product name and image consistency Google’s 60+ Policies Become One: What it means when they merge Building an Online Community with Sew,Mama,Sew!: Interview with Kristin…Click to read more >

Issue 02 – January 2012

Issue 02 Dear Stella: Is the market already saturated? Old School vs. High Tech: Group coupons win out in the marketing battle Mobile Marketing: Tips for getting your e-newsletter mobile ready The Anatomy of the Perfect Mobile Email: Ten Things to keep in mind Putting the Social in Social Media: Blogging for creativity, networking and sales Are You on Pinterest? Here’s…Click to read more >

Issue 01 – November 2011

Issue 01 The Basics: Getting your website up and running 5 Questions to Ask When Buying Web Services: Be prepared to make the right choice Adding e-Commerce to Your Site: How the addition can make a real difference in your sales Convert Abandoned Carts to Sales: Why shoppers abandon their carts and how to avoid it Set Up an…Click to read more >

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